Movements | September 10th, 2019

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Inrix does a deep dive and ranking on the potential of micromobility in the US, Germany, and the UK. “Digging deeper, 20% of trips were less than 1 mile, 16% were 1-2 miles, and 12% were 2-3 miles. If a fraction of these vehicle trips were replaced with micromobility trips, American cities could reap significant benefits.” | Inrix

Why micromobility waste is irrelevant. | Oliver Bruce

Spin sponsors an intersection makeover in Salt Lake City to make it more friendly for multimodal users. This project is part of the company’s “Safe, Liveable, and Just Streets” initiative to fund tactical urbanism to improve scooter, bike, and pedestrian access in cities. | Deseret

Why are China’s internet giants reviving Bikesharing? A look into how dockless bikeshare has evolved over the last year in China:  “The bike-sharing industry has been on a roller-coaster ride for the past several years, but is now showing inconspicuous signs of finally coming into its own at the hands of bigger and more experienced backers.” | Pandaily


An awesome and super-detailed post outlining how Lyft creates and maintains their own road network mapping using data from their fleet. | Lyft

Uber celebrates 5 years of UberPool, which is now live in over 50 markets around the world. In an effort to shift more UberX rides to Pool, the company has launched the ‘Non-Stop Shared Rides” feature. “When you order an UberX ride, at certain times you’ll be presented the option to take the last seat in an Uber Pool, and be the first to exit the ride. If selected, those who choose to share a ride will get Uber Cash that can be used towards your next ride or Eats order, while getting you to your destination in roughly the same amount of time.“  | Uber

Didi is now publishing lists of bad riders and drivers. | Abacus

New Products & Features

Transit app launches ‘Transit Accounts’ to enable users to pay for multiple mobility providers from a single account, including Denver RTD, CitiBike in NYC, and Santa Monica Big Blue Bus. | Transit

Deals & investments

Mitsubishi invests in mobility aggregator and transportation subscription service, MaaS Global. | Bloomberg

Cities & Policy

Why we probably need a per-mile road usage fee to replace the gas tax. | Axios

The University of Washington published a study that shows a marked reduction in double parking and traffic congestion when geofencing is combined with designated pick up and drop off zones along the curb. | University of Washington

Movements | September 4th, 2019

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The Micromobility Europe conference is bringing the top minds in (micro)mobility to Berlin on October 1 for a full day of programming that will cover all the BHAGs of 21st-century transport, from car-free cities to autonomous bikes. | Register Today

Former US Environmental Protection Agency chief is now advising Lime, helping the company craft its recycling and renewable energy strategy. | Bloomberg

Lyft raised scooter prices in Washington DC and other markets citing city imposed fleet caps. “Because we are not allowed to increase the size of our fleet to meet the demand for Lyft scooters, we need to change our prices so we can invest in operational resources to keep scooter availability high.”  | Jordan Pascale

Skip compares scooters vs car commute travel times to public transit stations in San Francisco. “For more than 70% of trips examined, Skip is far faster than a car!” | Skip

JUMP crossed the million trip mark in San Francisco with 500 bikes in 1.5 years. The system has over 100,000 registered users, 2.6 million miles, and an average of 7 trips per bike per day. | JUMP

An interview with Lime president, Joe Kraus, covering his interesting Lime, the evolution of micromobility form factors, mode shift, and competitive dynamics. | Recode


Grab partnered with telemedicine service WhiteCoat to launch medication delivery on its platform. Healthcare providers can prescribe medication and dispatch it over GrabExpress.  | StraitsTimes

New Products & Features

Google Maps adds multimodal routing by offering transit directions paired with biking and ridehailing. | TechCrunch

How do you make sure all your city buses have drivers? Boston’s MBTA does a dive into how they built their own bus dispatch app for Android. | MBTA

Grab launched a pilot program that allows drivers to deliver parcels in off-peak periods. | StraitsTimes

Cities & Policy

As micromobility becomes permanent, cities are questioning how they are going to pay for protected bikelane networks. “Denver is now looking at bike lanes as more "ABC" lanes: "anything but cars." The city has committed to building a network of 125 miles of them over the next five years.” | SmartCitiesDive

A radical rethink of Manhattan’s grid. | CityLab

Movements | August 27th, 2019

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Lime, Tier, and Voi join forces in Stockholm to launch the Nordic Micromobility Association to “promote the highest standards of safety, responsibility and sustainability for the industry, encouraging competition between operators and strengthening relationships between cities and micromobility businesses.”  | Cision

Harley Davidson teases new pedal-assist electric bikes at its annual dealer meeting. | Electrek

Virginia Tech and Spin embark on an 18-month long research project around scooter crashes by equipping 50 scooters with a camera, gyroscope, and accelerometer. “We’re looking at how the infrastructure as it’s built and maintained today affects safety and how people ride.” | Wired 

Dominos Pizza inks a partnership with Rad Power Bikes to offer franchise owners the chance to replace vehicle deliveries with eBikes. The custom pizza delivery eBikes have a range of 45 miles and can hold up to 12 large pizzas, drinks, and sides. “We have been able to save money, provide better service, increase hiring, and maintain a happy workforce.” | Fast Company

Lyft and Lime are adding Braille messaging to scooters. | Washington Post

Here’s a fake QR Code scam targeting shared eBikes. | Matthew Brennan


Uber’s European ridehailing rival Bolt launched a food delivery offering called ‘Bolt Food’ in Europe and South Africa. | CNBC

Grab is now renting out cars to riders via its app in select markets with ‘Grab Rent’. | Ajay Bulusu

Phone-less ridehailing? Uber launched a ride request kiosk at the Toronto Airport. Riders just enter their name, phone number, and destination into the kiosk to request a ride. Goodbye spotty airport cell phone coverage! | Mobile Syrup

New Products & Features

Bird is running a test to entice more commuters to use its service by waiving its $1 dollar unlock fee during the 6:00 to 10:00 AM morning commute hours in Atlanta. | Luke Beard

Uber Boat launches in Cambridge for the weekend. | Yahoo

A fascinating post by Zoba on how to disentangle travel demand from noisy signals like app opens and searches. | Zoba

Cities & Policy

New York City Department of Education partnered with ridehailing startup Via to route their school buses. “And because information will flow through Via’s tech platform, parents and students will be able to track the location of their bus in real time, ask questions, and receive updates through an app.”  | Fast Company 


Last week, we accidentally left out the link to the article about SpotHero’s recent fundraising and growth figures. Sorry about that!

Movements | August 22nd, 2019

Issue #60— Brought to you by Michal Naka and Adam Feldman. Join thousands of others who receive this analysis and curation of emerging mobility news in their inbox every week — subscribe now.


Skip announced their new “S3’ scooter hardware. Design and engineering from the ground up from the team lead by the founders of Boosted Board, the vehicle features a 40 inch wheelbase, 10 inch airless tires, 615 Wh swappable batteries, and integrated electronic lock. “Starting with the basic vehicle architecture, we designed a low center of gravity, rear wheel drive, road-worthy lighting, and built a stable base for your feet that’s long and wide.”  | The Verge

What if your mail was delivered by scooter?  | Rick Usher

Lime is working on a new fundraising round and Softbank is said to be involved: “The fundraising round is in the early stages, and nothing is set, but the company could raise as much as $500 million, the people said.”  | Business Insider

Dog powered micromobility. | Cheddar

Floatility demos a 3 wheeled “self-driving” scooter. | Floatility

Accessibility and micromobility: Bird is working on scooter hardware that can attach to wheelchairs. | Kerby Olsen


The Uber app expands its integration of Lime scooters to Europe. | Lime

Deals & Investments

SpotHero raises a $50m series D. Looks like their GMV is on track to hit $1B this year, which, if I’m reading the article correctly, looks like a 100% year over year increase. 

Product Launches & Updates

Microautonomy: Segway-Ninebot announced the S60, a 3-wheeled shared scooter that can return itself to charging stations. Here’s a video demo of the S60 in action.  | Segway Robotics

The parent company of Mercedes-Benz, Daimler, has launched a second scooter company called Float in Helsinki, Finland. The corporate startup plans to expand to eBikes and eMopeds. Hive previously launched under Daimler’s MyTaxi subsidiary last fall. | Lab1886

Scooter hardware manufacturer Acton announces swappable battery tech for their fleet use scooters. | Acton

Cities & Policy

Atlanta’s mayor promises temporary bikelanes as the city has faced multiple scooter rider deaths over the past few months. “In the next 30 days, we plan to implement changes to our streets to better protect everyone,” Mayor Bottoms wrote in the August 16 column titled, “Facilitating scooter growth while managing safety.” | Curbed

60 million Indians use e-rickshaws every day. | NYTimes

Movements | August 14th, 2019

Issue #59— Brought to you by Michal Naka and Adam Feldman. Join thousands of others who receive this analysis and curation of emerging mobility news in their inbox every week — subscribe now.


Indian micromobility companies Vogo and Bounce are doing just north of 100,000 trips per day in Bengaluru as ridehailing growth slows in the country. | Economic Times

Voi’s COO gives a peek into charging costs and operational improvements. “Together with our 3PL partners we’ve increased efficiency, driving down cost per scooter per day from 6-12 USD to 3-6 USD, all in less than one year of operations.”  | Douglas Stark

German automotive component maker Rehau debuts injection molded eBikes with its own direct to consumer brand. | Bike EU

Lime and Bird prep to launch in Japan for the first time. | Nikkei

Skip is returning to DC after battery fires earlier this summer. | Techcrunch

Audi is launching a one-handed electric scooter. Related: 6 carmakers betting on electric scooters and ebikes. | TechCrunch

Deals & Investments

Scoop raises a $60m series C to grow its carpool service. | Scoop

Product Launches & Updates

Lime and Google Maps level up their integration with intermodal routing. | Lime

In this week’s bit of whimsy, Mapbox is launching treasure map styling for their maps. | Mapbox

Cities & Policy

Washington DC is already piloting electric scooters and bikes. Next up, they’ll be adding shared electric mopeds and looking into trikes and e-cargo bikes. | Washington Post

How Boston saved $5 million a year by routing school buses via algorithms. | Route Fifty

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