Movements | December 11th, 2019

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A look into how Lime has been navigating scooter tariffs and their supply chain in China. “Kraus described relocating manufacturing capabilities as one of many options the company has to mitigate trade-related risks but declined to say whether it has already begun doing so.”  | Bloomberg

Seattle’s dockless eBike program with Jump and Lime sees a decrease in parking infractions, as the city built over 1250 bike parking spaces in 2019. | SDOT

The former co-founder of Tile, shutdown his personal scooter startup Unicorn earlier this week after they were unable to generate enough demand for their rebranded Segway ES2 scooters.  | The Verge

BMW partners with Lime to enable employees at its Munich, Germany headquarters to freely take scooters between different offices. | Fabian Ladda

Voi is testing private scooter parking racks at museums, hotels, and with property managers in Stockholm. | Digital

The physics of scooter range. | Victor Pontis

Product Launches & Updates

Uber is starting to roll out a new feature that allows drivers to view rider destinations prior to accepting a trip. Related: You can now ‘favorite’ Uber drivers.  | The Rideshare Guy

Bird is testing new retail channels as it partners with American department store Nordstrom to sell its Birdie kids scooters for the holidays. | Nordstrom

Wheels is now deploying helmet equipped vehicles with disposable liners. | TechCrunch

Didi is testing in-car advertising screens to drive more revenue in China. | Technode

Ford is shutting down its non-emergency GoRide Health services in order to focus on researching the viability of AV-based deployments. | Detroit Free Press

Do you like food? Do you like machine learning? Do you not really care about machine learning but maybe wonder why Uber Eats’ restaurant and dish recommendations are so good? Read this piece. | Uber Engineering

Waymo posted an update on their progress over the past year. Some highlights include 1,500+ monthly active riders, 100,000+ rides served since 2017, and the Waymo app is now available on both iOS and Android for riders in the Phoenix area. | Waymo

Investments & Deals

Singapore scooter startup Neuron raises an $18.5 million Series A. | TechCrunch

Toyota leads a $50m Series B for May Mobility, a low-speed autonomous shuttle services. | TechCrunch

Cities & Policy

There’s a view of the future where we’re all getting around our cities by some combination of well-run mass transit, micromobility, carpool services, and AVs instead of driving by ourselves. In that future, we won’t need nearly as much parking as we have in US cities today. While that future is a long way off, parking operators are starting to feel the impact of declining car ownership and an increased reliance on ridehail services. So, what do you do to repurpose all of those parking garages? | The Parking Garages of the Future

An interview with Dawn Miller, Coord’s Head of Policy and Partnerships, covering how curb data can help to reduce traffic congestion in cities. | Crain’s

Movements | December 5th, 2019

Issue #75  -  Brought to you by Michal Naka and Adam Feldman. Join thousands of others who receive this analysis and curation of emerging mobility news in their inbox every week — subscribe now.

Product Launches & Updates

Pony announces the ‘Double Pony’, a 2-person shared cargo eBike. | Pony

Apple Pay’s Express Mode now works with TfL. You no longer need to authenticate with Face ID or Touch ID in order to pay with your phone. It even continues to work for hours after your device runs out of battery. CityMapper has already integrated this feature into their Pass offering. | Apple

An overview of the history of GPS and a preview of what we can expect from next generation GPS III. | CBS

Skip announces tip over detection for its new S3 vehicle and publicly releases a tip detection data set. | Skip

Circ launches a helmet detection feature that gives riders a discount for wearing a helmet. | Circ

Forget self-driving cars, Uber patents self-cleaning! | The Outline


The CEO’s of Tier and Voi had a fireside chat at Slush Conference. | Vimeo

Cowboy Bikes is launching an equity crowdfunding campaign. | Cowboy

Joyride is partnering with Superpedestrian to provide a hardware + software combination to mobility operators: “Our collaboration serves to offer the industry’s best scooter to a wider range of operators, allowing any size of fleet-sharing company to operate profitably. This integration means that operators who purchase Superpedestrian’s scooters and use Joyride’s platform can be operational in short order, with all of our features accessible through Joyride’s offerings. And this is especially relevant to smaller operators who need to focus on unit economics from day one.” | Joyride

McKinsey releases a research report on Micromobility progress. Using Munich as an example, they forecast a number of different scenarios for trip growth and cannibalization of other modes.| McKinsey

Deals & Investments

Advanced Navigation raises a Series A to scale its popular inertial navigation solutions. | The Robot Report

Bounce, the Indian scooter startup, raises a $150m Series D. They report having over 2 million customers and operating around 17,000 vehicles in 36 cities.   | TechCrunch

Tokyo Metro is preparing for an IPO. As part of the process, they’re exploring new strategies to continue growing their business beyond operating Tokyo’s public transit. Exporting their expertise to rail operations all over the world via training programs or operating contracts could be a major opportunity. If they succeed, they will be following the path of Hong Kong’s MTR, which already sees 40% of its revenue come from foreign contracts. | Nikkei

Cities & Policy

NYCDOT announces a pilot program with UPS, DHL, and Amazon to use cargo bikes for package deliveries in NYC. | NY Times

Do you like NYC subways? Do you like maps? Then you’ll love this interactive feature on the NYC subway map. | NY Times

LA’s 405 Freeway might be getting tolled express lanes in the near future. |


NACTO is hiring for a number of roles starting in early 2020 - check ‘em out! | NACTO

Our friends at Token Transit are hiring for a number of roles in San Francisco, including:

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Movements | November 27th, 2019

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Lime and Bird saw sales grow over the summer of 2019, even as they shift focus to improving unit economics. | Second Measure

Paris sees a whopping 54% increase in bicycle trips over a year period from Sept. 2018 to 2019. (Thanks Adrien) | LeParisien (French)

European scooter operator Circ cut headcount at HQ and regional locations, citing a shift to focus on “efficiency and ops excellence”. Circ’s founder said: “When we started this there was a focus on time to market but now it is not about time to market but efficiency.” | Techcrunch

A comprehensive deep dive into scooter deployments across Europe. | Civity

Turn signals for micromobility. | Reddit

What the Fight Over Scooters Has in Common With the 19th-Century Battle Over Bicycles. | Smithsonian

Chinese tech giant Meituan says that bikesharing is a key growth sector for them. “Meituan has already significantly improved the bike design, the supply chain management for bike and also the pricing and operation metrics.” Meituain acquired Mobike last year. | KR Asia

Bird x Adidas. | Boostronaut

Ogden, Utah Police are producing scooter safety videos. | Ogden Police Department

Investments & Deals 

Lime is fundraising again and is “seeking a couple hundred million dollars by December or January, Beyond that, the company plans to rely more heavily on debt to fund its scooters.” | WSJ

Bosch’s electric moped sharing company Coup is shutting down. | Twitter

Ridehailing & Carsharing

Uber is fielding a higher number of US and Canadian law enforcement requests for rider data. “Uber said it received 3,825 demands for 21,913 user accounts from the U.S. government.” | Techcrunch

The Annual Global Mobility Study webinar looks at users attitudes towards emerging modes across 9 countries. Below is a sneak peek of China vs the US.  | LEK Consulting

Uber is discussing selling off its Indian food delivery business. | The Information

Didi claims that nearly one million EVs are registered on its platform, covering ~15% of total rides on the platform. Notably, these vehicles have significantly lower operating costs compared to gas powered vehicles. | technode

Product Launches & Updates

WHILL is bringing autonomous wheelchairs to North American airports. | Techcrunch

Daimler and BMW’s joint venture scooter startup Hive expands into eBikes in Lisbon. | Hive

Strava introduces an all new ‘Strava Metro’ data tool for city planners. | Strava Metro

DHL is starting to roll out electric delivery vehicles in 2020. | Axios

Cities & Policy

Seattle’s investments in mass transit have made it the #1 city in the US for a drop in drive along commuting. | Seattle Times

SFMTA has a new director, Jeffrey Tumlin. He has big ambitions for reshaping how people get around the San Francisco. | SF Chronicle

Black friday Deals

Lyft is discounting Bike memberships for black friday. | Elite Daily

Boosted is offering 25% off all vehicles including the new Rev scooter. | Boosted

Van Moof is offering $1000 dollars off its eBikes for the first 150 orders. | Van Moof

Movements | November 20th, 2019

Issue #73 -  Brought to you by Michal Naka and Adam Feldman. Join thousands of others who receive this analysis and curation of emerging mobility news in their inbox every week — subscribe now.


The US and China *may* agree to end tariffs on eBikes (and other micromobility devices), however no agreement has been signed yet. “The original tariffs set by the Trump administration levied an additional 25% tariffs on electric bicycles and e-bike components imported from China.” | Electrek

Micromobility at the US Federal level: The chair of the House Highways and Transit subcommittee claims to be “writing scooters into the next surface transportation reauthorization bill”.  | Eleanor Holmes Norton

The City of Berlin moves forward with designated parking spots for cargo bikes and electric scooters | Berlin (Translation)

Mobike raises prices in China. | TechNode

Shared scooters in cities are fueling the market for personal scooters. “RazorUSA President Jim Wagner said in a statement that the company has “experienced an increased interest in owning Razor kick scooters and e-scooters” and has had “even higher interest” in cities where it operates its own dockless e-scooter rentals.”  | Morning Consult

Investments & Deals

Culdesac raises $10m to build car-free neighborhoods. | Medium

Scooter consolidation: shared scooter company Ojo acquires micromobility operator Gotcha. “By 2020, the combined company plans to deploy 25,000 “mobility units” in 80 locations for both ride-sharing and on-demand delivery services.” | The Verge

Superpedestrian raises $20 million as they prepare to roll out fleet scooters. | Venture Beat

Ridehailing & Carsharing

Uber’s Chief Product Officer, Manik Gupta, is stepping down. | TechCrunch

Gett is shutting down Juno. | TechCrunch

Didi says they have nearly 1 million electric vehicles on its platform. Plus, the company is partnering with OEMs to develop purpose built electric ridehailing vehicles. | TechNode

Hyundai is set to launch a carsharing product and mobility services in the USA. | News Market

Dubai Transport Authority signed a contract with ridehailing firm Careem (acquired by Uber) to roll out 3500 bikeshare vehicles across the city. | Gulf News

Lyft threatens to leave the Phoenix Airport after the City plans to hike ridehailing fees. | Sal DiCiccio

Product Launches & Updates

Tranzito launches Mobi: curbside management and mobility hub for cities. | Tranzito

ShareNow (formerly Car2go) launches a new app in Vienna with both Mercedes and BMW carshare vehicles. | Fabian Heuwieser

Lyft is pulling scooters from 6 markets. | TechCrunch

Bird introduces ‘Birdie”, a kick scooter for kids. | Bird

Bolt Bikes launches its e-bike subscription platform for gig workers to the US and the UK, with pilots in San Francisco and London. | TechCrunch

Apple’s new maps expand to the midwest and west coast of the USA. | Justin O’beirne

Bird launches a #HelmetSelfieMode feature that rewards riders for wearing a helmet. | Bird

Cities & Policy

Curbflow shows that allowing drivers to reserve curb space reduces double parking. | Washington Post

Washington DC to step up bike lane parking enforcement. “The Department of Public Works (DPW) currently has 272 parking enforcement officers who cover 109 locations throughout the city, and each location now will have at least one officer solely dedicated to bike lane enforcement, with special attention to vehicles blocking bike lanes.“ | SmartCityDive

The majority of vehicle buyers are over the age of 54. “In 2007, a majority of buyers (53%) were age 35 to 54, while in 2017 a majority (52%) were age 55 and older.” | Green Car Congress

Movements | November 14th, 2019

Issue #72 -  Brought to you by Michal Naka and Adam Feldman. Join thousands of others who receive this analysis and curation of emerging mobility news in their inbox every week — subscribe now.

Investments & Deals

European micromobility startup Voi raises a $85 million Series B round. | Sifted

Travis Kalanick’s latest startup CloudKitchens received a $400 million investment. | WSJ

MaaS Global raises $33 million from BP and Mitsubishi. | VentureBeat


Lyft plans to roll out 2,000 eBikes in Minneapolis next year. Related: 4000 eBikes are coming back to San Francisco over the next 6 months. | BizJournal

RaineOne electric scooter: a 26 pounds scooter with 25 mph range and a top speed of 31 mph, complete with ABS brakes. | Kickstarter

How Bird aims to differentiate itself in the micromobility market. Bird’s Chief Communications Officer said to expect the company to continue to expand globally in 2020 and “continued pushes to selling our own products.” | AdWeek

Micromobility innovation of the week: bike racks with seat covers. | Twitter

Skip starts testing its own S3 hardware in Washington DC. | Skip Scooters

Bird receives a patent for remote control use of on-demand electric vehicle.  | Bird Rides Inc.

Interview with Bolt CEO Markus Villig on their scooter business: “Long term we will be upgrading it at cost because it’s an important service that needs to be there and it brings customers into our ecosystem. But it’s not a great standalone business.”  | Sifted

New Products & Launches 

Shared launched a new helmet detection feature on its rider app that will give users a 20% discount if they are wearing a helmet. | Shared

Users of Transit App can now buy tickets for Santa Monica’s Big Blue Bus from right in the app, thanks to a partnership with Token Transit. | Twitter

Uber is expanding its investment in its ad platform for Eats. | TechCrunch


Last week we shared how Didi is relaunching it’s carpooling service after two murders last year. This week Didi says it will not allow women to use its carpool product after 8PM. | Business Insider

Cities & Policy

In its first bicycle safety report since 1972, the NTSB is recommending all US states require bicyclists to wear a helmet after a recent spike in bicycle deaths on US roads. | NYT

Uber’s policy team looks at how rideshare and transit compliment each other in Seattle. “The simultaneous growth of transit ridership and rideshare use, alongside the continued decline in single-occupant auto commuting, suggest that high-quality transit and rideshare can together provide an attractive alternative to driving alone.” | Uber

The city that cycles with the young, the old, the busy and the dead. | NYT

Santa Monica published their Shared Mobility Pilot Program Summary Report. While the report is worth a read in its entirety, especially if you’re eager to understand how a forward thinking city looks at managing shared mobility, here are some highlights:

  • 2.7m trips from October 2018 to September 2019

  • Average trip length was 1.3 miles

  • About half of the shared mobility trips replaced trips that would have happened via car


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