Movements | August 14th, 2019

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Indian micromobility companies Vogo and Bounce are doing just north of 100,000 trips per day in Bengaluru as ridehailing growth slows in the country. | Economic Times

Voi’s COO gives a peek into charging costs and operational improvements. “Together with our 3PL partners we’ve increased efficiency, driving down cost per scooter per day from 6-12 USD to 3-6 USD, all in less than one year of operations.”  | Douglas Stark

German automotive component maker Rehau debuts injection molded eBikes with its own direct to consumer brand. | Bike EU

Lime and Bird prep to launch in Japan for the first time. | Nikkei

Skip is returning to DC after battery fires earlier this summer. | Techcrunch

Audi is launching a one-handed electric scooter. Related: 6 carmakers betting on electric scooters and ebikes. | TechCrunch

Deals & Investments

Scoop raises a $60m series C to grow its carpool service. | Scoop

Product Launches & Updates

Lime and Google Maps level up their integration with intermodal routing. | Lime

In this week’s bit of whimsy, Mapbox is launching treasure map styling for their maps. | Mapbox

Cities & Policy

Washington DC is already piloting electric scooters and bikes. Next up, they’ll be adding shared electric mopeds and looking into trikes and e-cargo bikes. | Washington Post

How Boston saved $5 million a year by routing school buses via algorithms. | Route Fifty

Movements | August 7th, 2019

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Bird announced the Bird Two with longer battery life, maintenance sensors, and anti-vandalism protections. | The Verge

Latin American micromobility startup Grow Mobility plans to invest $25 million in bringing scooter and bike manufacturing to Brazil. Their new facility will have a capacity of 100,000 vehicles a year. Grow aims to lower costs and reduce dependence on Chinese vehicle imports. | Contxto

Spin launches its rebrand and announces that it will be rolling out the new Segway MAX vehicles next month. | VentureBeat

Here’s a video interview with Usain Bolt and Bolt Mobility Co-CEO Sarah Hayne. Haynes says their forward facing platform scooters are designed from the ground up “for women, by women”.  | Yahoo

Hardware innovation at the edge: a homemade cargo eBike that runs completely on solar power. | Twitter

European micromobility startup Voi has added over 600K new users, 9 new markets and did 3.3 million trips according to its quarterly ‘mission report’. | Fredrik Hjelm

How do hard vehicle caps effect scooter ridership? In Chicago where scooter operators are capped at 250 vehicles each, the number of users opening the Lime app has far exceeded the users taking trips. Trips tracked more closely with demand in Paris where Lime was able to expand its scooter fleet. |  Curbed

Ridehailing & Carsharing

Some people see ‘Mobility-as-a-Service’ as the future, but they don’t talk about how challenging it is to integrate multiple mobility services into a single app. A moovel product designer shares a framework to help build a scalable and consistent user experience across different modes. |  Steffen Schäfer

Uber is looking into grocery delivery in Europe. | Pymnts

The Denver Airport has scrapped plans to build two new parking garages thanks to Uber, Lyft, and public transit. Although the airport has experienced 20% passenger growth from 2015 to 2018, parking demand has fallen flat. | Denver Post

Some definitive numbers on the amount of traffic caused by Uber and Lyft. | CityLab

Deals & Investments

A former Airbnb product executive, raises a $1.5 million seed round to build a ridehailing company for seniors. | TechCrunch

Didi spun off its autonomous vehicle unit. | VentureBeat

Product Launches & Updates

Apple Maps for iOS 13 has some significant upgrades: a StreetView-like feature called Look Around, a redesigned navigation panel, Collections of favorite places, live location and ETA sharing, and real-time transit data. | MacStories

Cowboy launches “Easy Rider”  theft and damage insurance for their direct-to-consumer eBike. | Cowboy

An update on Facebook’s machine learning tools for creating maps from satellite imagery. | Facebook 

Cities & Policy

Washington DC hires a ‘Shared Micromobility Planner’ as it continues to install micromobility corrals for scooter parking and other dockless vehicles.   DDOT

Why are eBike commuters the happiest? “1) A high degree of commuting control and ‘arrival-time reliability’; 2) Enjoyable levels of sensory stimulation; 3) The ‘feel better’ effects of moderate intensity exercise; and 4) Greater opportunities for social interaction.”  | University of Auckland

Uber files a federal lawsuit against the City of Chicago over their exclusive bikeshare deal with Lyft.  | Chicago Tribune 

Movements | July 24th, 2019

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Some stats on JUMP’s deployment in Paris over the past 3 months: 1,800 bikes, 500 scooters, 90,000 users, 400,000 rides, average bike trip distance is 3.2km, and average scooter trip distance is 1.35km. | Le Parisien

San Francisco and Oakland had two very different approaches to shared scooter regulations and the results are staggering. “Mobility advocates in the gridlocked West Bay say San Francisco's permitting system was destined to fail, since it followed a more punitive and reactive framework that Oakland has largely avoided.”  | East Bay Express

JUMP does a deep dive into how their eBikes serve low-income communities. “The data also showed that JUMP bikes have twice the pick-up/drop-off rate in low-income residential areas than that of medium and high-income areas.” | JUMP

Apple is hiring Product Managers to focus on new mobility like ridehailing and micromobility. Will we finally see bike routing in Apple Maps? | James Gross

Bird transitions Scoot’s kick scooter fleet in San Francisco onto Bird Platform with Scoot branded Bird One vehicles. | Victor Pontis

Why did we wait so long for the bicycle? | The Roots of Progress

Trek has failed twice at bringing eBikes to market. Today eBikes make up 20% of Trek’s annual sales. | Fortune

Ridehailing & Carsharing

Uber is testing another monthly subscription that includes free delivery on Eats, free JUMP rides, and price protection on trips. | TechCrunch

Skymall but for Uber: Cargo and Uber deepen their partnership to allow riders to start buying consumer goods like AirPods or rent a movie via Universal Studios. Riders who purchase a product during their ride receive free shipping and 10% back in Uber Cash, which can be redeemed for future rides or Cargo purchases. This is interesting because its the first time we’ve seen Uber Cash as a way to buy products outside of Uber’s core ecosystem (JUMP, Eats, and Rides). | CNBC

BMW’s ReachNow shuts down its office and its free-floating carshare service in Seattle and Portland.  | Geekwire

Lyft and Uber face ridership declines in NYC after new regulations went into effect. | Bloomberg

Product Launches & Updates

Nexar launches Live Map, a real-time version of Google Streetview powered by their network of users. | Nexar

Uber launches a restaurant accelerator to encourage entrepreneurs to build out virtual restaurants to serve unmet demand that they see on Uber Eats. “For instance, she said, if Uber noticed lots of customers ordering pizza in an area with relatively few nearby pizza restaurants, the company might invite a pizzeria to the accelerator.” | Quartz

Lyft adds transit data for NYC to its app. Related: Lyft voices its support for investment in transit and dedicated transit travel lanes.  | Bloomberg

Deals & Investments

Bird is raising a Series D led by Sequoia Capital at a $2.5 billion valuation.  | Techcrunch

Flix Mobility raises $561m from TCV to expand geographically and develop a carpooling service. | Reuters

Cities & Policy

Ever wonder what it’s like to work for Uber Eats or Doordash? The New York Times recently did a deep dive on the experience.| NY Times

As cities struggle to design and implement protected micromobility infrastructure, Washington DC experiments with “DezignLine”, a rapidly deployable protected bike lane solution. | DDOT

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Movements | July 17th, 2019

Bird unit economics, Turo raises $250m, and Citi Bike expansion

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The Information ran a report looking into Bird’s financial state earlier this year: Hit by Big Loss, Bird Seeks $300M in New Funds. Bird’s CEO and CPO fire back on Twitter and LinkedIn with data on the company’s revenue growth and unit economics. The company’s custom Bird Zero scooter now comprises 75% of its deployed fleet, has an ‘average lifetime of 13 months’ and a weekly churn rate below 1%. “It's def a seasonal business and we weren't diversified in the southern hemisphere last year. We will be this year.”  

Bird investor David Sacks explores the myths and reality in the shared scooter business. | David Sacks

Have you ever wondered how one starts a scooter company? Scootermap founder Victor Pontis does a deep dive. | Scootermap

Refraction emerges out of stealth with it’s autonomous bike lane delivery robot. Yes, this 80 pounds vehicle meets eBike regulations. | The Verge

Bird’s Head of Policy, Ashwini Chhabr, gives a TEDx talk: ‘One day our kids will play in the streets again’. | TEDx

China’s Hellobike claims it averages 20 million trips a day and has done a total of 12 billion trips over the last 2.5 years. | SCMP

How Dott uses electric bikes for it’s scooter operations in France. | K-Ryole

Video: Techcrunch Mobility scooter panel with Skip, Jump, Scoot and Segway. | Techcrunch

Bird interviews parking expert Donald Shoup, the author of “The High Cost of Free Parking”. | Bird

An excellent piece in the Financial Times about how e-bikes, not AVs, are reshaping urban transportation. | Financial Times

A glimpse into scooter app downloads after the first month of German operations.  | Lufthansa Innovation Hub

Ridehailing & Carsharing

How vulnerable is carsharing to theft and hacks? Bloomberg takes a look into how Car2go lost 75 Mercedes vehicles in Chicago after they relaxed restrictions during onboarding. | Bloomberg

A breakdown of P2P carshare marketplaces Turo and Getaround. | WSJ

Toronto’s Metrolinx partners with Lyft. | Metrolinx

Product Launches & Updates

Using iOS shortcuts to open Transit app with the Clipper Card NFC. | Gabriel Lewis

Spin and Swiftmile launch charging docks in Ann Arbor, Michigan. | Brett Wheatley 

Transit app partners with Spin. | Transit

Google Maps launches municipal bikeshare integration which gives users dock and real time bike information. | The Verge

Didi is launching debit cards for their drivers in Latin America to enable faster payouts for rides. | Bloomberg

New Funding & Investments

“The digitization of transportation is not a zero sum game”. A look into how Auto OEMs are approaching digital mobility.  | Olaf Sakkers

Turo raises $250m from IAC. | WSJ

Cities & Policy

Ranking walkable urbanism in America’s largest metros. | Smart Growth America

In collaboration with NYCDOT, Citi Bike will be expanding massively into outer boroughs over the next 4 years. | NY Times

There’s been a great deal of debate over who should have access to data from ridehail companies. Here’s why: ridership patterns are super helpful for revealing underserved travel demand in cities. “If we can identify corridors that are heavily used, transit advocacy groups can help put some transit in or arrange some sort of subsidy”. | Smart Cities Dive

New mobility options will impact real estate values. According to Lime’s David Richter: "Whether at Uber or Lime, I've been surprised by the degree to which real estate entities want this to happen," Richter said on stage in Aspen, Colo. "They will get greater value from the real estate they already own because they won't have to allow 'X' number of parking spaces for people either residing or leasing space." | Fortune

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Movements | July 10th, 2019

Issue #55— Brought to you by Michal Naka and Adam Feldman. Join thousands of others who receive this analysis and curation of emerging mobility news in their inbox every week — subscribe now.

The Micromobility Europe conference is bringing the top minds in (micro)mobility to Berlin on October 1 for a full day of programming that will cover all the BHAGs of 21st-century transport, from car-free cities to autonomous bikes. Movements subscribers can claim a 20% discount by clicking here and using the special code. See you in Berlin!


Fresh off a Series A, European scooter startup Dott is now offering free personal injury and third party liability insurance coverage on every ride. The company also announced it will be launching EU built eBikes: “This e-bike will be more comfortable, more durable and safer than anything you have seen so far.” Related: Here’s a video with an inside look into Dott’s warehouses. | Dott

Wind unveils its third generation electric scooter that features swappable batteries and IP67 waterproofing. | Techcrunch

Southeast Asian scooter startup Beam is rolling out its new ‘Saturn’ Segway Max scooter with swappable batteries. The company is also beginning to offer riders incentives to park in high demand areas. “If a Beam Saturn is parked appropriately and used by another rider in under 2 hours the original rider will get Beam credits.”  | Scoop

Volkswagen releases a micromobility manifesto. “Those who live in the city are no longer necessarily dependent on the car. Alternative mobility solutions are in demand.”  This is a big deal coming from a major auto OEM. | VW

Tour de France JUMP Bike. | JUMP


Uber is looking to open up its platform components including routing and billing to 3rd parties. “We think of our platform as our own AWS to power our own businesses. Ultimately, we are thinking that this could extend, someday well into the future, and enable other business lines to be built on top of our platform by other third-party vendors as well." | Business Insider

A deep dive on Uber in Japan, where their Eats business is growing and they focus more on black cars and dispatch software for taxis. | Bloomberg

Lyft partners with First Transit to rollout wheelchair accessible vans on its platform in Los Angeles and San Francisco. | Lyft

Product Launches & Updates

Electric moped company GoGoro launches a vehicle sharing platform. Similar to Bird Platform, GoGoro offers the hardware and software to run an electric moped sharing fleet. | Techcrunch

Lime is testing a new feature that allows a single user to pay for a group of riders, without the need for the to have an account. | Android Police

Uber rolls out its new ‘Uber Comfort’ product with bigger, newer cars and a ‘no conversation’ option. | Venture Beat

New Funding & Investments

Dott announced a $34 million dollar Series A, bringing their total funding to $57m.  | Techcrunch

Wind Mobility raises a $50 million Series A. | Pitchbook

Maniv Mobility raises a new $100 million fund. | Techcrunch 

Related to all of the investments in the AV space, we’re likely to see huge spillover benefits in other areas for years to come. | Axios

Cities & Policy

A growing number of carshare users in Japan aren’t driving the vehicles. “One out of every eight users rented automobiles for purposes other than transportation.”  | The Asahi Shimbun

Public transit agencies are increasingly experimenting with loyalty programs. | Wired

Some interesting lessons from Uber’s partnership with Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority in Florida, where the agency subsidized trips in designated zones. | TransitCenter

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